Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX: is it a netbook or laptop or?

Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX main 544x408px
(image credit: Motorola) Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX | about US$500.00 |

Motorola ATRIX 4G is said to be the world’s most powerful smartphone and winner of multiple awards at the CES 2011. that said, we believe most of us are already aware of its features and specifications. however, we are not focusing on ATRIX 4G handset, instead we are looking at its WEBTOP functionality, specifically the accessory that extends the power of this smartphone, so to speak. the accessory in focus is the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX which, as the name suggests, is a netbook (sort of) but strange as it is, the lapdock runs off the processing power from the ATRIX 4G smartphone. the lapdock has a full keyboard and a trackpad just like a full-fledge netbook.

when the ATRIX is docked to the lapdock, user can access the full ATRIX 4G smartphone functions right from the lapdock, plus a few other features such as desktop Firefox browser, File Manager and Facebook client etc cetera. there’s also a Entertainment Center where user can listen to the music and video that’s on their ATRIX 4G. the lapdock comes with a built-in battery, which also charges the ARTIX 4G when it is docked. the dock itself also comes with charging cable, but it will still charges the ATRIX even the dock isn’t hooked up – provided that the lapdock has enough juice for the task. interesting, though this isn’t a full-fledge netbook but it aims to provide a bigger screen estate for user to work on while they are on the move.

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(image credit: Motorola)

with the cloud computing gaining popularity, i guess your laptop might only need a browser to get most of your work done, hence the ATRIX 4G and lapdock combo could be a viable solution for mobile busy bees. the Lapdock for Motorola ATRIX retails about $500, not exactly cheap as you could have easily get a netbook for that price. however, this combo might saves yourself the trouble of tethering.

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