wireless PC monitor could be a reality sooner than we think

Fujitsu concept Wireless PC Monitor 544x311px
(image credit: Gizmag)

we have progressed from wireless mouse, keyboard and soon, PC monitors could be joining the rank of wireless devices sitting on your desk. well, at least Fujitsu shows that it can be done. when we said wireless means, it is completely void of cables and that’s including the power cable. this 22-inch PC monitor draws its power via magnetic induction transmitter that’s built into the desk or whichever furniture your wireless monitor will seat on, while a wireless USB enables images to be transmitted to the monitor from a PC.

this is certainly an exciting news and this could means further reduction of clutter around my desk, super. you have no idea how wires and cables can drive me up the wall. lucky for us, this will not be just a concept as Fujitsu has plans to introduce its first models of LED-backlit display range that incorporates this wireless technology within the next year. awesome.

via Gizmag

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