If you stare at a monitor all day long and require no colors, then we have good news. Your opportunity to relieve your digital eye strain is here. Instead of hooking up to a fancy monitor with an eye-watering display, you can get this: BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Monitor.

BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Computer Monitor

That’s right, my friend. This is an e-ink display as your secondary display – or maybe even as the main display if you are so inclined. Unlike regular LED/LCD monitors that have eye-jabbing backlit, BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Monitor offers a “close to paper”, non-backlit display, thus allowing you to consume the content with less eye strain.

The monitor touts customizable refresh mode and offers the following modes: Normal Mode, Text Mode, Slideshow Mode, and Video Mode. Yup. You can still watch videos but they will be in monochrome.

This being an e-ink monitor, the refresh speed is obviously not as high as regular displays and hence, an increase in speed of scrolling, fast-moving images et cetera will result in significant ghosting.

BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Computer Monitor

To counter this, the 25.3-inch e-ink monitor boasts adjustable refresh speed, and to further alleviate the ghosting issue, there is a physical refresh button that lets you remove ghosting with a press of the button.

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It is worthy to note that the response speed of the monitor is dependent on the PC’s processor. In other words, it will benefit from a more powerful PC.

On the spec sheet, the BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Monitor features 3,200 x 1,800 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio and offers 16 grey levels.

BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Computer Monitor

The monitor comes with built-in dual speakers and it is outfitted with 5 ports for hooking up with peripherals and charging. The I/Os include an HDMI, a mini HDMI, a USB-C, one DP, and a DC port.

While the monitor comes with an adjustable ergonomic stand, it also has a standard VESA interface which allows it to be mounted with VESA standard monitor arms and mounts.

If I can be honest, besides looking pretty and all, and relieving your eyes of the strain from all-day viewing, it has little to sell because this little big guy does not come cheap. It will run you back at a cool US$1,799.99. Then again, I guess we can’t put a price on the health of our eyes, can we?

BOOX Mira Pro E-ink Computer Monitor

Images: BOOX.

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