INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub Kickstarter

Modern MacBook Pro is everything except ports. Two USB-C ports are hardly enough for what the MacBook Pro is marketed to do: creative works. Creative works demand ports for hooking up an external display, card readers, or imaging devices, and you will also need a hell lot of storage space. This is where INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub may be able to help and doing good while doing so.

INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub Kickstarter

With the INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub, it basically brings you back to the good’ol days of ports galore, plus a little something extra. It is designed to stick under and to the rear of the MacBook Pro.

In order to achieve a seamless look with the MacBook, INVZI MagHub features a similar, premium aluminum construction.

The INVZI MagHub has a power on/off switch for turning it on/off, along with a host of I/Os. And I do mean a host of I/Os. These I/Os include a 100W PD charging port (USB-C), a pair of USB C (a 3.2 Gen 2 and a 3.1 Gen 1), a DisplayPort that outputs 4K images at 60 Hz, two HDMI ports (also fully support 4K@60Hz), a Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45), two USB-A ports (a 3.2 Gen 2 and a 3.1 Gen 1), and an SD/microSD card reader.

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INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub Kickstarter

Remember the aforementioned “a little something extra?” Well, that would be a pop-up SSD enclosure that adds up to 4 TB (M.2 NVMe) of storage to your MacBook Pro. The SSD enclosure can be used independently of the INVZI MagHub, btw.

Interestingly, the device is not designed to permanently adhere to your laptop; it is removable – thanks to the magnetic PU tape you will apply to the base of your laptop. In this way, the INVZI MagHub can serve as a dock and be left behind when you are on the go to minimize your baggage.

Looking at how I am always in need of ports, I am sold by the idea. And if you are too, then you may want to consider picking up the INVZI MagHub by pledging for a product on Kickstarter.

INVZI MagHub Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub Kickstarter

But be warned that it does not come cheap. Expect to plonk down US$139 at the minimum for the INVZI MagHub and another US$119 or more for 1x 1 TB SSD M.2 NVMe. We will let you be the judge of whether or not it is worth the dough. Not going to lie, the pop-up SSD is what gets me because I use iMovie a lot and it will be nice if I could expand the storage without taking up valuable desktop real estate.

All images courtesy of INVZI.