Air Strike Catapult – office warfare, medieval style

Air Strike Catapult
(photos: ThinkGeek) Air Strike Catapult | US$14.99 |

being a white collar worker can be quite monotonous at times and that’s why mankind invented office warfare to kill the boredom. that office warfare is evolving, growing rapidly from primitive throwing of crumpled papers to high-tech iDevice controlled missile launcher (foam, of course). then, chest-height cubicles stop us on our tracks like the fortress of the medieval era, which calls for a more medieval arsenal like the Air Strike Catapult. it comes equipped with six spiky foam balls that you can send 40 feet down the office and a trio of suction cups that ensure your rig is locked down sturdily for the ultimate office warfare. sounds like fun, doesn’t it? most importantly, the whole set up looks pretty attractive too and the orange foam balls just make spotting them a whole lot easier. plus it cost just $14.99.

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