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how many times have you found yourself spitting out spoilt milk in disgust? or worst, find your fridge emptied of your favorite nutritious beverage? yeah. it sucks to be in those situations. however, if The Milkmaid you see here becomes a reality, then your milk-drinking related woes will be the things of the past. The Milkmaid comprises of two parts: the quart size milk jug and a smart base that stays in your fridge. the brain behind the whole system that ensures you will have enough supply of fresh and unspoiled milk is at the smart base (think of it as a milk jug dock), where the sleek milk jug sits in. the smart base is where the most of the actions are and it is packed with a set of pH sensors, a weight sensor, a microcontroller, a GSM radio module, an antenna, a SIM card tray and a rechargeable battery pack. the pH sensors detects how fresh your milk is by reflecting it on the LED that slowly changes from green to orange as the milk deteriorates. green LED lights indicate that the milk is still in its consumable stage, while orange will means that it is time to dispose the milk. when the pH sensors detect that the milk has turned nasty, or when the weight goes below a certain value, the smart base will send a text message to the user’s phone, reminding them it is time to stock up on the milk. on the milk jug itself is a temperature sensor that will alert you if the milk is left out for too long a time, thereby ensuring you won’t be cultivating unnecessary bacteria which could otherwise spoil the milk. all this information will then be made accessible from an iPhone app, so that you be in the know and won’t have to go through the agony of not having any consumable milk in your fridge. The Milkmaid is still its prototype stage and the maker will need to know how will the masses (milk-drinking community, to be exact) response to this product. so if you are an avid fresh milk lover, then head on down to The Milkmaid product page over at Quirky to answer a few questions and show your support. more look and a product intro right after the break.

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