What’s your impression of a wine cellar? Dark and musty smelling tiny room, with narrow passages, tuck away in a godforsaken corner of the basement that looks straight out of a horror film? Well, not quite and it don’t have to be, as wine cellar customizer Sommi Wine Cellars has proven. Sommi is a specialist that will turn any space into a custom home wine room. Note the keywords: any space. What Sommi can do is beyond cellars.

Sommi Custom Home Wine Room

The company creates wine room too, so it’d be a place not just for storing your prized collection, but also a room to admire them and even chill out in. The outfit’s latest project, The Northwest Wine Room, is one prime example. In this project, Sommi was tasked to turn an incomplete nook left of a finished basement into a luxury wine storage and display room.

Sommi Custom Home Wine Room

Sommi did not start from scratch though; the previous homeowners already have the intention of turning this nook into a wine room and as such, it was kind of partial built with glass doors, flooring and overhead lights. Picking up where the previous homeowners have left, Sommi turned it into a classy wine room that can hold up to 650 bottles of wine, with space to stock large format bottles and glassware, as well as storage for wooden wine boxes to boot.

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Sommi Custom Home Wine Room

In addition, this uber elegant wine room features adjustable floating glass shelves, Mahogany Sapele with raw steel racks, a display row to feature favorite bottles, a universal cable racking system, and energy-efficient LED backlighting. Overall, The Northwest Wine Room extrudes an alluring mid-century vibe that blends seamlessly with the rest of the neo-modernist interior.

When I first lay eyes on this Northwest Wine Room, it immediately transports me back to the 60s, conjuring up images of design icons like Charles Eames, Tom Karen, Dieter Rams and the likes. All I could say is, if I could say anything at all, it is beautiful beyond words.

If you reside in the U.S. and would love to own a custom wine room, cellar or bar, you may want to give Sommi Wine Cellars a thought.

All images courtesy of Sommi Wine Cellars.

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