1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table

1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table | US$9,995.00 | www.carpooltables.com

if you are confused by whether this 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table is a pool table or a scaled down automobile, let us assure you that the confusion is perfectly normal. at the first glance, we thought we were seeing a miniaturized version of the classic Ford Mustang but it turns out to be both a 1965 Ford Mustang and a pool table, except that this is not a road-going vehicle but one classic that has been immortalized into a functional pool table. the pool table is made in the good’ole U.S. of the A and comes complete with working lights, authentic chrome bumpers and hardware, authentic alloy wheels with tires and a professional 4′ x 8′ slate playing top. it may look like a toy version of your favorite classic Ford but reassure that both the front and rear are of the actual size, trimmed with authentic Ford Mustang parts. the car is finished in the original 1965 “Rangoon Red” paint job, shield by real automotive clear coat, buffed and polished to showroom condition. perfect for both those who are looking for unique pool table to complement their automotive-themed home decor or anyone who appreciate a great classic car. adding to its value is that the Mustang Pool Table is the only officially licensed Collector’s Edition pool table for Ford Motor Company and it comes complete with its unique “VIN” number and Certificate of Authenticity. the table measures 302 cm long, 180 cm wide and x 89 cm tall (119″ x 71″ x 35″) and can be yours if you have $9,995 to spare. more look after the break.

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