Mophie Powerstation Duo and Mini

Mophie Powerstation Duo and MiniMophie Powerstation Duo and Mini | from US$59.95 |

we can never get enough of battery life of our phones and to some extend, tablets too. all thanks to the rich multimedia contents (or did we talked too much?), we have been squeezing every drop of those electrical power off our gadgets faster than we could keep them charged. the last thing we want to do is to hunt for a wall outlet just to keep our gadgets satisfied for those meagre percentage of juice so that we can move on our daily gadget-laden life. we really shouldn’t be burden by such minor inconvenience and for that reason, we thought this pair of portable batteries (or charger, if you like) from Mophie might just be the answer to your gadget juice-deprivation woes. the first is the Powerstation Duo that boasts a 6,000 mAh capacity battery and features two USB outputs for charging two devices simultaneously. the Mini, on the other hand, is packed with a 2,000 mAh battery that offers your device an extra 150 percent more battery life, allowing you to get through your day without the lingering worry that your device will be flat out without juice. the Mini also sport a special 1.0 amp high-output battery for ultra-fast charging. both the Powerstation Duo and Mini are available now and retails for $59.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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