these days, we are at the verge of information overload. there are simply too many things to know and need to know, and those information usually comes in the form of apps. the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock aims to soft that woes, but letting you get a hold of those information, information such as traffic condition, weather, stocks, number of email piling up, calendar, and even your calorie intake, all at a glance – like the dashboard of your car. and you know what? this might just be a winning formulation for information consumption. there is a reason why automobile’s dashboard has changed much over the many decades, because it is as effective as it is. with the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock you get four dials that can be preset to track what’s matter to you and each dial has both a digital display and a fun, analog as an indication of where you stand in that particular data of concern.

we don’t have a Nimbus yet, but if were to have one, we probably won’t look at the digital display, because indication is all we need and if we really need to dig deeper into the information, we would probably fire up the respective apps. all you have to do is to pair your iOS or Android device, launch the respective apps and start customizing what information goes to which dial. you can, of course, set one of the dial as your regular clock, complete with alarm and snooze functionalities, and it can even sync with fitness products like Fitbit, plus other Quirky + GE products. we won’t depend this on for life and death matters, but for everything else than needs a little indication, the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock sounds like fun way to do it, albeit with a pretty hefty price tag of $130. check out a couple of product videos to learn more.

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Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock

Quirky via Uncrate

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