well, the X Ray Guns Prints are not actually firearms that had undergone X-Ray, but are guns that were put through special CT scan process as perfected by Houston Hardin, a doctor (a real medical doctor, btw) who simply loves firearms. it all started when he had a gun component shipped to his office. a pair of curious workers who knew his passion for firearms, decided to “take a peek” of what was inside without opening the package and that was when the lightbulb lit, and the rest, as they says, was history. these prints let firearm lovers take a peek into the inner workings of the guns which they rarely think about.

each print is an image of real-deal firearms ranging from iconic guns such as the AR 15 assault rifle and Uzi submachine gun to classic such as the 1920s Mafia favorite Thompson submachine gun (aka Tommy Gun) to modern pieces such as the Belgium’s SCAR 17 and the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper rifle – all scanned using a 750k medical CT scanner, depicting the intricate and surprisingly artistic form of these otherwise deadly equipment. these prints present a unique modern art form that will look as magnificent in any contemporary homes and modern man caves. each image is printed on premium grade satin photo paper, measuring 10 x 20 inches and comes unframed.

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you can get the X Ray Guns Prints direct from Houston’s website for $59.95 each. head past the jump for a few more sample images.

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