the iBug RC Robotic Bug you see here is not the newest of the new, but still, it makes an awesome Christmas stuffer for this Holiday Season and looks pretty cute too, well, in a creepy way, that is. hailing from China’s Shenzhen BaiYuYi Electronics company, who basically deals with all things electronic, the iBug RC Robotic Bug is a close relative to the firm’s iRoach, a robotic cockroach. so if roaches ain’t your cuppa, perhaps this other electronic creepy crawly might (you freak!). i am not fan of creepy crawlies, but these little “creatures” do have their appeals, like the bright orange translucent shell with LED light and the fact that they are tiny (which translates to ‘cute’) and they crawls on your command. speaking of command, the little crawly here is control by an app on your iOS device and is capable of four-direction movement, including forward/backward and left/right.

packed into its tiny body is a lithium-ion battery, a 70 mA-3.7V item, that afford about 20 minutes of fun crawl (and scaring the shit out of your roach-phobia friends and colleagues) before requiring to be juiced. recharging is via> USB and takes about 20 minutes or so. it has a range of just 10 meters, which could be a let down for some, but with a robotic creature this small, anything farther would be visually difficult to make out. we saw it in action before and these little things really move like real bugs. just the sounds of it pacing around on hard concrete floor is enough to send chills down insect-phobias’ spine. you can bag your very own iBug RC Robotic Bug for just 22 bucks. have a few more look at this tiny toy after the break.

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