when Studio Neat first came up with the original Glif, it was considered the neatest idea to mount your iPhone on a standard tripod. but as awesome as it is, it has its limitations, such as, it can’t be used with any case. three years on and several updates in between, the Glif is reborn and it is now adjustable, which means it is no longer restricted to just iPhone; it can be used with virtually any handset, with or without a case. the adjustability allows fitment for devices that are between 58.4-86.4mm wide and 3.1-12.7mm thick. crafted from recyclable rubberized plastic, the new adjustable Glif features a 1/4-20 (1/4″ diameter, 20 threads per inch) thread that will fit any standard tripod or camera mount, and like its original counterpart, it can also be used to prop up your smartphone for reading or watching movies. and being a compact accessory, it can be easily tucked into your bag, purse and pocket, accompanying you wherever you go and be ready to be deployed in an instant.

the new Glif Adjustable Tripod Mount and Stand, which cost 30 bucks, comes supplied with a hex key to adjust the Glif to fit your phone and it only require one-time adjustment, until the next time you decided to switch out the case, or change to a different model of phone. we were impressed by the original Glif and even more so with the new found adjustability feature (which also means, flexibility) of the new Glif. definitely a must-have for all avid smartphone photographers and it certainly makes a great Christmas stuffer. speaking of which, you will be guaranteed delivery before Christmas (for U.S. orders only, that is) if you place your order before December 6. check out an uber sleek product video after the break to learn more.

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