review – Glif for iPhone 4

what an exciting era we living in now!

seriously, the Internet and social media had turn many a geek dream into successful and recognizable brands, and in less time and with less capital risk.

the power of social innovation lies in that these smart folks with brilliant ideas could pitch their product concept, refine their prototype and undergo continual enhancement till final product fruition. through it all, potential consumers like you and me get to chip in our opinion (mindshare) and even in monetary terms (pocketshare) to fund the project. Kickstarter is one such website whom reckons itself as the ‘largest funding platform for creative projects in the world’.
And hence Glif was borne to the marketplace. from the team called Studio Neat was able to bring their brilliant brainchild to the masses via Kickstarter.
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Hi I'm Glif! I come from the land of Kickstarter

the concept was simple. a flexible accessory that addresses several common needs of any iPhone user. iPhone stands are a dime a dozen. the Glif is a thoroughly thought through product distilled into the simplest and most functional form factor.

on first look, its shape actually resembles a key with a cleft at one end. The cleft or indentation serves as a clip so you can lodge on the iPhone’s snugly. You can position it for landscape or portrait profile to your liking. there’s no strict rules for application, as long as the phone stands. it’s versatile to the point that i wonder if I had done it correctly as I referred to the video montage on their website.

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Glif: 'i feel steady'
Glif: 'Resting on my side feels good too'

on its side, the Glif looks distinctly like a cursively written ‘f’. the curvature is designed to grip the curve of the iPhone 4 seamelessly. the Glif is custom-fit for thickness of iPhone 4. at my first attempt to clip it on, the front screen protector actually got shoved. This is where it gets interesting and I would i think is Glif’s unique positioning (pun fully intended). In this mode, Glif functions as a modified ballhead (camera lingo) for the iPhone so that you could mount your iPhone on any camera tripod.

Glif: ' more camera shake'
iPhone: 'I feel empowered! thanks bud!'

And when i say interesting, it means this opens up whole new possibilities for use of your iPhone. now you do not have to worry over camera shake as Glif mounts onto any standard tripod you could find. i tested it on a mini tripod (shown here), a gorillapod and even my professional Manfrotto tripod menat for DSLR.
or how about downloading Gorillacam and set a self timed shot using iPhone?
Personally, I can’t wait to pair it up with another Kickstarter product-to-be-released from Kogeto.

Social innovation…gadget geek fantasy…somebody save my wallet


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