Enhance brings horn loaded speakers to your desktop

Enhance Speaker 544x388px
(image credit: Jason Plumb)

up till today, the horn loaded speakers that audiophiles love are huge floor standing speakers. however, if designer Jason Plumb has it his way, horn loaded speakers might just end up on your desktop alongside with your computer. sound impossible? well, you are half right as Jason’s horn loaded desktop speakers, dubbed the Enhance speaker, is still a concept design but it is enough to excite most audiophiles.
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the Enhance speaker features organic teak for the speaker housing and acrylic horn for its speakers, which makes it looks awesomely cool. according to Jason, the Enhance are computer speakers “designed to accompany high end computers and complement the user’s workspace. simply put, it is designed to go with expensive computer like the one pictured and pricey work desk. regardless, you bet this is something i would buy if the price is right and if it ever get made.

Enhance Speaker 544x420px

Jason Plumb via DVICE

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