Opena – it’s an iPhone case with cool slide-out bottle opener

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(image credit: Opena) Opena – iPhone Bottle Opener Case | US$30.00 |

after the Be A Headcase, i didn’t think i would see another iPhone case that opens bottle as well but here it is, the Opena, just like the beaheadcase but a whole lot cooler. for some unknown reason, a slider seems a whole lot cooler than just having the opener stuck to the back of the case. conceived by Australia-based industrial designer Chris Peters and former toolmaker Rob Ward, the Opena is an iPhone 4 case but with a slight bulge at its back and for a good reason.
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the bulge at the back of this ABS plastic case is a bottle opener stamped out of food-grade stainless steel that slides out when you need it and slides back in when you are done using it. how cool is that? i thought it is pretty damn cool. check out a short intro by Chris and Rob after the break. as you may have guessed, this is yet another Kickstarter project and the duo is seeking your support to take this baby to the production line. if you believe in the Opena, you can pre-order yours by making a pledge of $30 or more over at Chris and Rob’s Kickstarter page.

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Opena - iPhone Bottle Opener Case 640x500px Opena - iPhone Bottle Opener Case 640x500px Opena - iPhone Bottle Opener Case 640x500px

Kickstarter via 9to5Mac

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