Android sound docks are few and far between, much less one that rides on natural amplification, which we have seen loads of them designed for iOS devices and there is good reason for this ‘phenomena’. Android handsets come in a myriad of shape and sizes, and they refreshes as quickly as you could say Kit Kat and those are good reasons for the lack of sound dock for them. however, things are set to change with the proliferation of 3D printing which allows designers and manufacturers to turn out of products without costly molds. the Gramohorn II 3D Printed Acoustic Speaker for HTC One you see here is one such example. we shan’t dwell into the mandate or theory behind the birth of this set of beautiful analog horns, instead dive straight into this Justin Wolter designed product.

like the many natural amplification speakers we have seen designed for iPhone, the Gramohorn II is devoid of electronics and design around the principles of resonance to channel and amplify the docked HTC One’s audio by up to 50 percent. the dock features two unique channels positioned over each of the HTC One’s BoomSound stereo speakers and direct them through to the horn speakers, which according to Wolter Designs, enhances the lower frequencies and bass notes to result in a “deeper, fuller and better music.” two versions are currently offered, a plaster-based and a limited edition metal-based version. the former is crafted from plaster composite material and hand finished in a choice of 22 different colors and 5 metallic finishes, while the latter is of stainless steel powder and infused bronze, which were put through a process of curing, sintering, plating and tumbling, and offered in three finishes (silver, bronze and gold).

at the time of this writing, 100 units of the plaster version are available for £999 (roughly US$1,600) and the limited edition metal-based version has 10 units in each finish and will set you back at a cool £4,999 (or about US$8,000).

Gramohorn via Luxury Launches

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