Marshall Major 50 FX Headphones

Marshall Major 50 FX Headphones
Marshall Major 50 FX Headphones | US$200.00 |

with decades of experience in making guitar amps, it makes perfect sense for Marshall to get into the headphone business and so they did. and you know what also makes the equal amount of sense? to out a special edition pair of cans to mark its 50 years in the amping business which is what Marshall did. meet the Marshall Major 50 FX Headphones, a pair of audio cans that pays tribute to, as Marshall puts it, “50 years of loud.” expect to savor the punchy lows, clear mid-tones and higher-than-human highs offered by its 40mm moving coil dynamic drivers and most importantly, for the individualists and connoisseurs, it stands out from the rest of the regular Marshall headphones, if not from the rest of the other cans in the market today. visual appeals include finer details such as inner caps with fret detailing used for the Marshall 50th anniversary line of amps while gold accents adorned the outer parts. at this point, it should be pretty obvious that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill headphones. further visual statement includes a headband constructed from the same vinyl used for Marshall amps with inscription of the date and place where it all began: London, England, 1962. finally, an Apple-certified inline remote with volume control and integrated microphone and a roadworthy canvas carrying case rounds up the package. the Marshall Major 50 FX Headphones is available now and can be yours to own for $200 a pair. hit the jump for some larger views. don’t miss it cos’ this pair is a real handsome.

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