headphones provide us with audio privacy, but visually, if you are watching a movie on your tablet, you can never get that privacy that you desire. instead of slapping on a privacy screen protector on your mobile device, the Sony HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Viewer provides a private and immersive multimedia experience. just plug in to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are, kick back and chill out to your private entertainment system on-the-go that can only be seen and heard by you. a pair of OLED panel of 1,280 x 720 resolution offers a visual treat of about 750 inches at a 20 meters distance for the ultimate big screen experience, while 7.1-channel virtual sound, pumped out through the supplied 16mm driver in-ear headphones or though your own audio headphones, adds an extra depth to your movie and gaming experience.

the head mounted display connects to your mobile device via MHL, which also charges your mobile device while being used. it also connects to your range of home entertainment system, such as Blu-ray player, TV and the likes, via HDMI, or through WirelessHD, where supported, for a lag-free immersive HD video experience, minus the tangle mess of cords. other features include preset and custom picture mode, picture settings, supports 24p True Cinema, preset audio modes, auto power-off, wearing sensor, prolonged viewing warning, and a separate battery unit keeps the HMZ-T3 powered for up to 3 hours on wireless and MHL connectivity, or 7 hours with HDMI. the HMZ-T3 has a visor0style design, therefore enabling you to ‘look down’ at your keyboard and mouse while you are slugging out in your virtual world.

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the Sony HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Viewer may sounds a little too futuristic to be true, but lucky for us geeks, it is a reality and one which you can pre-order now for $999.99.

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