MyPhaser ‘Smartphone’ Stun Gun

If a pistol disguised as a smartphone proves a little too much firepower for your self-defense needs, how about a stun gun that disguised as a smartphone sounds? At least it won’t have the potential to kill, putting you in a precarious position cos’ taking a life is no laughing matter. Well, such is what MyPhaser stun gun has to offer. As you can see from the product image, the product looks strikingly like a regular smartphone, complete with a fake screen.

MyPhaser ‘Smartphone’ Stun Gun

Beneath its innocent appearance lies a circuitry that serves up to 10 million volt of jolt at your attacker at a flip of the switch. MyPhaser Security, the company behind MyPhaser, said the non-lethal electro shock technology used in the device is the same stun gun technology as used by the police and military, which can penetrate thick clothing and potentially incapacitate the assailant for up to 30 minutes. The idea behind MyPhaser is to empower you with the element of surprise, which is a key to a successful non-lethal retaliation. Your attacker will never suspect that your ‘mobile phone’ can actually give him a rude shock.

Three models are currently being offered: M3, M5 and X10, delivering 3 million, 5 million and 10 million volts, respectively. Each device is outfitted with an LED flash light and comes with its own charger, carrying case, and wait for this, lifetime warranty. MyPhaser said it will gladly replace the device if it ever starts to lose its recharging cycle. Though it is worthy to note that the battery is in fact good for up to 20 years. Prices start at $47.

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Note: sales is limited to the U.S. and not all states/cities allows stun gun.