You have heard of hotel rooms having garden views and sea views but have you heard of tiger views? Well, rooms with a view of real tigers are exactly what Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel has to offer.

Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel Tiger View Room
Credit: Sohu [CH].

Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel (平南雄景生态酒店) is a 5-star hotel located in Pingnan County, Guangxi, China with period-inspired architecture. As beautiful and majestic as this 600-plus-room hotel is, it is not the main star.

The real star, or should we say ‘stars’ are the tigers. Above the expansive lobby is a glass panel ceiling which you can see a bunch of tigers roaming around. This open space where the tigers live is dubbed the “animal island”.

Surrounding this large and open tiger habitat are the aforementioned Tiger View rooms. The only thing that separates the tigers from their potential tasty meals (read: guests) is a thick glass panel.

Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel Tiger View Room
Credit: WeChat (Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel).

This setting may not be for the faith of the heart. Less adventurous folks who do not want to lose sleep over tigers may want to choose to stay on the upper floors instead.

If sleeping next to a streak of tigers isn’t enough for you, you will be glad to know that there’s a restaurant serving a buffet with a view of the tigers too. Great. So you get them to feel hungry by seeing you chowing down all the delicious food.

There are family rooms too to accommodate couples with kids. Thankfully, these rooms are not part of the tiger view rooms, so kids won’t get to witness daddy freaking out for being so near ferocious tigers, separated by just a glass panel.

Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel Tiger View Room
You’d be sleeping right next to a tiger habitat.
Credit: WeChat (Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel).

In addition to tigers, the hotel has everything you expect of a 5-star hotel. It has event halls, a KTV entertainment center, heated pools, a gym, and even a water theme park which is a stone’s throw from its front doors.

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Strange that Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel is able to operate tiger view rooms because another hotel tried to pull off the same attraction but was halted by the authorities [CH]. I believe it was last year – the same year that this novel hotel opens for business.

Anyhoo, I doubt any folks outside of China would travel to this little-known county just to experience sleeping with the big cats. But if you do have such a desire, you will be glad to know it isn’t expensive. According to Taiwan, it cost around 1,900 NTD a night, which is about US$64.

Since Pingnan Xiongjing Ecological Hotel is not quite an international hotel per se, it is lacking a lot of information. Most of our info was from travel sites and some of it was from its only official social media channel on WeChat. Anyhoo, as far as sleeping with dangerous animals go, this is not the first time. A few years ago, Airbnb has offered brave souls to sleep with sharks.

Images: [CH]/China Holiday [CH]/Weibo (军事聚焦) [CH].

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