GE Steps To Reset Smart Light bulb Went Viral For The Wrong Reason

If there’s ever a Guinness World Records for the most steps in a reset process in electronic equipment, I am very sure General Electric (GE) C smart light bulb will bagged the title without any challenger. It may be the premise of a good joke like, you know, the classic “how many * it takes …

GE’s Siri-controlled Window Air Conditioner Hits The Market

Smartphone and Apple HomeKit-compatible air conditioners are not new. HomeKit-compatible air cons apparently exists outside of the U.S., but the window unit you see here, a GE AHP08LX, is the first in the U.S. to tout HomeKit compatibility. Why a window unit? Beats me. Seriously, I never thought there is a market for window air …

Forget About Dispensing Ice. GE’s New Fridge Can Make A Hot Cup Of Joe

When the refrigerator was first invented, I bet nobody ever thought it could do more than keep stuff cold and make freezing cold ice cubes. Wait. Actually that’s about what it does the whole time, well, maybe with the exception of an external water or ice dispenser, but that’s pretty much it… until now. Meet …

GE New Freestanding Ranges Has Built-in WiFi, Lets You Take Control With Smartphone

how many times have you left house and start to wonder have you turn the oven off? well, if you cook, chances are you have such experience at one time or another. wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check and if its not off, turn it off, while on the go? such is …

GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator

need a serious touch of luxury in your kitchen? well, it helps if you have the space to spare (and deep pockets too) cos’ you will be needing it to fit this lavish GE Monogram French Door Built-in Refrigerator in there. apparently, French door configuration fridge is flying up the consumer purchasing chart which, in an individualist’s

Pivot Power Genius WiFi Power Strip

home automation. who doesn’t want it? but not everybody have the need to control everything. there are times, you just want to turn on or off a light, or fire up the standalone heater before you get home and that’s it. no frill, no complication, just simple flipping the switch from elsewhere.

Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock

these days, we are at the verge of information overload. there are simply too many things to know and need to know, and those information usually comes in the form of apps. the Nimbus Smart Dashboard + Clock aims to soft that woes, but letting you get a hold of those information, information such as traffic condition, weather, stocks, number of email piling up