Typewriter is just an antiquated gadget to most people, but James Cook, it is his “paintbrush”. Cook is a typewriter artist who creates illustrations and portraits with nothing but a piece of paper and a typewriter.

Artist Creates Illustrations Using Typewriter

Yes. It is totally legit. I can’t help but to marvel at this man’s talent. It is hard enough to draw with pen or pencil, let alone conjuring up a recognizable illustration or portrait, or anything at all, using a typewriter.

Cook has been a typewriter artist for five years now and he hasn’t look back. In the process, he has amassed 20 tools of his trade i.e. typewriters. A look at the man’s website reveals that he does anything from architecture to landscape to portraits. The latter is particularly impressive. How? Well, just take a look:

Artist Creates Illustrations Using Typewriter
Guess who? Yup, it is “The Fly“, the dude from the original Jurassic Park.

Tell me that isn’t impressive. Cook’s talent reminds us of the human printer artist. Seriously, are these people humans even? Or are they aliens from an advanced civilization somewhere in the deep space?

If you are intrigued and wonder how you look as typewriter art, the good news is, James does commissioned work too. You can learn more over at his website. Before you go, I do recommend checking out James’ Instagram page where you will be able to find a lot of gorgeous typewriter artworks there.

Artist Creates Illustrations Using Typewriter

Images: Instagram (@jamescookartwork).

Source: Oddity Central.

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