Quirky Ray juice up your gadgets with solar power

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(photos: Quirky) Quirky Ray | US$39.99(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

while on your road-warrior lifestyle, you probably find it hard locate a decent wall outlet to charge up your mobile gadgets. to this end, the market presents a myriad of choices for portable battery chargers but those contraptions needed to be charged too. that’s where Quirky Ray makes its appearance. it is a solar powered charger for charging your electronic gadgets on-the-go. sure, solar chargers aren’t new but what makes Ray stand out is its versatility in placement: a suction cup exist, allowing it to stick to the windows or windscreen to get the much needed solar energy, or you can deploy the kickstand for placement on flat surfaces. all in an effort to get the optimum sun ray.
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the compact battery is said to be able to store enough juice to fully charge a mobile phone, and charging is via a USB port. hence, almost any small USB powered mobile devices can be charged using Ray. constructed mainly from reinforced plastic (flexible TPE for suction cup), it also features a neat storage for your USB cable when not in use and a LED indicator to display the status of its built-in battery. as with all products initiated by Quirky, this product is not yet a reality but you can help to make it a real product simply by making a commitment and ordering it with a pre-sale price tag of $39.99. a total of 2,000 commitments are needed, and currently it has garnered 555. don’t worry, you will only pay when the project gets through.

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