Air by Quirky Air Speaker

People who can’t live without music probably has a set up in the living, the kitchen and even for each room. Thing is speakers can be quite a clutter. Plus, not only they cost a lot of money, but they could be a decor-killer.

Enters Air by Quirky Air Speaker. Conceived by Quirky’s founder Marc Liniado, Air is actually five wireless speakers in one. Air uses auto-syncing and a patented magnet design to detach itself into five powerful speakers.

Air by Quirky Air Speaker

You can choose to enjoy the 24W of audio bliss when use as a single unit, or split them up into five separate speakers for multi-room audio throughout your home.

Not sure if I was hungry writing this, but man, they looks like cut up Swiss roll when separated. Not sure if the audio will sound as yummy.

Liniado and his team wanted to create a “speaker against a sea of sameness,” and you know what? I think they may have hit the nail on the head. Air is indeed wholly different Bluetooth speakers and to top that off, it isn’t expensive.

It will only cost $250. Better yet. It is having a pre-order launch deal where you can secure a unit for 20% less with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

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All images courtesy of Air Audio Co..