Is your partner’s constant snoring bothering your sleep, or are you the type that every little sound keeps you awake in the night? Well, if so, ZQuiet, a snoring solutions company, has just the product for you.

QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds

Aptly called QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds, this pair of earplugs are specially calibrated to eliminate snoring sounds, as well as other environmental noises. I guess, ZQuiet is here to fill in the void left by Bose Noise-masking Sleepbuds after the product was cancelled due to battery issues.

Then again, ZQuiet is a little different from what Sleepbuds had to offer; it is targeted at snorer. Its active noise cancellation is targeted at low frequency sounds of snoring, while still letting you hear important sounds like alarms, children crying, and warning beeps of smoke detectors.

Unlike audio True Wireless Earbuds, it is designed to be super low profile so it remains as unobtrusive as possible for sleep on your side with it on. Since it has no audio transmission (it is essentially a pair of high-tech earplugs, really), it has needs not Bluetooth connectivity or emit harmful radio waves.

ZQuiet QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds sells for $249.95 and it is available on ZQuiet website. At the time of this post, we noticed that it is actually on discount. For a limited time, you can bag a pair for just $224.95.

Images: ZQuiet.

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