concealing your cables of mess with Grassy Lawn Charging Station

Grassy Lawn Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Grassy Lawn Charging Station | US$24.99 |

it can be mess trying to charge all your gadgets all at the same time and the wires snaking around isn’t going to be a pleasant sight. solution? you can either choose to go wireless charging (albeit, pricier but more ‘high-tech’) or you can get yourself the Grassy Lawn Charging Station.
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the Grassy Lawn Charging Station gives your gadgets a comfy place to rest in while getting juiced up and the compartment underneath the Grassy Lawn hides the clutter of adapters and cables from sight. now, all your gadgets will be in touch with nature (even though its fake grass).

anything that organizes, its cool to me. besides, having a little green to spruce up your desk isn’t a bad idea.


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