Cooler Master Traveler iPhone Suitcase

Cooler Master Traveler iPhone Suitcase
Cooler Master Traveler iPhone Suitcase | SGD20.00 |

if you have no intention to make the change even with the imminent release of the iPhone 5, then you may want to give your trusty iPhone 4 or 4S a fresh change of cover. here’s one that we thought would be worthy a look. new from the maker of PC cases and PC cooling solution, Cooler Master, is the Traveler iPhone Suitcase. drawing its inspiration from metal suitcases, this Polycarbonate case features a hard side luggage design with slight curvy shell that will have your iPhone’s sides and back covered while still allowing access to the port and buttons. it even has a strap hole for you to attach your favorite phone charms, lanyard and stuff. we thought the Traveler is of a better design as oppose to plain cases made different by graphics. if only they could incorporate a stroller handle and some castor wheels… it looks like Cooler Master line of iPhone case has yet to be available in the U.S. but they are available in Asia, specifically in Singapore, with a retail price of SGD20 a pop (about US$16). take a few more look after the break. you know the drill: hit the thumbnail for larger image, framed by a beautiful, non-obtrusive lightbox.

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