Samsung Curved OLED TV

Samsung Curved OLED TV
do we really need TV to be curved? i guess we will never know until we have one, do we? just like we never thought we ‘needed’ a tablet before iPad. that said, we believe that theory should be applicable to the Samsung Curved OLED TV. detailed hard specs wasn’t available but the Chaebol giant has put forward a few benefits that users could reap from this eye-pampering, beautiful object. the Curved OLED TV made its global appearance during last week’s International CES and is said to offer “depth to the content displayed for a more life-like viewing experience.” additionally, the curved nature of the display is also excellent for immersive panorama effect, which conventional flat-panel TVs can’t offer (and probably explains why IMAX is still popular to this day).

the most subtle advantage that you might not notice from a curved panel is, it will provide viewers with roughly the same viewing distance from the TV regardless of which angle are they seated. sounds logical, so we won’t argue with that. Sammy did not put the term ‘concept’ in this product but we are guessing it might just be a concept. then again, when it comes to Samsung, anything is possible. so, if you are fan of IMAX-treatment for your humble pad, then hold your breath, cross your fingers and hope this curved baby gets the green light and starts rolling out the factory soon. honestly, curved display might take sometime to get use to but hey, we are geeks and we welcome the challenge of ‘get use to’ new technologies. bring it on Sammy. a few more official shots from the 2013 CES after the break.

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