true universal wireless charging that charges almost anything

ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station 544px
(image credit: ElectroHub) ElectroHub Wireless Charging Station | US$39.00

wireless charging is convenient and eliminates the constant frustration with wires, especially if you have multiple devices to charge at the same time. however, current option for wireless charging requires the device to be charged to don special case which may not as ideal. things are looking to change with the ElectroHub wireless charging station, set to debut at the CES 2011. ElectroHub is designed to work with virtually all electronic devices.

unlike the Powermat, it doesn’t require any special casing for your device but instead, it provides special ElectroHub batteries in form of AA or AAA sizes. to turn your device into ElectroHub-complaint, all you have to do is to replace the original battery of your device with the ElectroHub batteries, place your device on top of the ElectroHub and starts charging away. the charging station measures 233 x 155 x 20mm, is capable of charging up to six devices at a time.

in cases where devices doesn’t have replaceable batteries, user can get a special protective case that converts the charging effect to the device internal battery, much like what the Powermat does. the ElectroHub will cost $39 which includes one set of ElectroHub batteries, and additional battery sets can be purchased separately at $10 each. the ElectroHub is expected to be available first quarter of 2011.


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