not content with just a regular multi tool? then we suspect a bad-ass multi tool such as this Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool might just be right up your alley. unlike most multi tools that touts mind-boggling number of tools, this 440 stainless steel item does not; instead it lets you reveal its limited by nevertheless ample functionalities in style – in the tradition of a butterfly knife. measuring 3 1/2″ close and 6″ when opened, this uber cool, pocketable multi tool packs a small saw, a flat-head screwdriver, a pair of hex wrenches, a wire stripper and last but not the least, the mandatory bottle opener. just like a real deal butterfly knife, it has a metal clasp in place to keep the multi tool securely closed while it rest inside your pocket or bag.

we have seen loads of multi tools and the Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool has to be the coolest to date. why? man, do we even need to detail this? alright, then detail, we shall. just imagine this: whipping out a multi tool along with someone else to do just about the same thing, but with the Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool, you can do so by executing some sweet butterfly knife moves prior to getting the job done, which will make you look a whole lot cooler. never mind the fact that you could be a tad slower in doing the actual job due of the moves. who cares when you can look macho doing it and the tool itself will turn some heads? the Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool can be yours to own for just $7.99. no word if this is aircraft-friendly or would it be a potential object that will lead to an unnecessary strip search. as always, for the extra careful and want-no-trouble folks, we would suggest restricting the use of this thing to within your man-cave.

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Butterfly Knife Styled Multi Tool

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