The reason why one of the world’s best invention, the blender, never goes beyond the home is the same reason why it is so hard to get electric cars to be accepted: mileage. Sure, battery packs can get it the range or at least somewhere in the ‘acceptable’ range, but charging it is, however, the biggest hurdle of all. Though it is possible to have battery-powered blender with swappable battery, it is still an inconvenience. Recognizing there is a void to fill in the area of portable blender, a California-based outfit, TailGator, invented the TailGator Gas-powered Blender in 1998, which eradicates the mobility issue with a blender once and for all.

TailGator Gas-powered Blender

The TailGator Gas-powered Blender is, as its product name implies, a blender driven by gas-powered motor that makes getting a blender to be part of your outdoor activity, be it camping, hiking, boating, hunting or whatever, a conceivable thing, so you no longer have to suffer from cocktails or smoothies withdrawal even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. All you need is gas and you’re pretty much all set to blend your favorite concoctions. Just remember to pack the necessary ingredients of whatever you want to crush. So why are we bringing this up donkey years later? No reasons, except for the novelly factor that never dies, the weirdness that never cease, and also many have never heard of it till these days, which shouldn’t be the case.

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Most importantly, Christmas is drawing near and this could make an awesome Christmas gift. So yes, after all these years, it is still available and it can be yours to own for $289.99. Add $70 if you want a custom made black nylon carrying case.

TailGator Gas-powered Blender

TailGator via Creepbay

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