If you are looking for a great prank gift for your tea-drinking family and friends, FuLian has just the right stuff for you. What you see here is the Poop Tea Infuser made by Dongguan FuLian Moulding Co..

Dongguan FuLian Moulding Poop Tea Infuser

Yes. That thing there is a butt that is seemingly in the process of excreting a pile of poop. Gross. I know, but that’s the fun in it, ain’t it?

The hole-ridden “poop” is where you will fill your favorite loose tea leaves. Drop the “poop” into the cup and fix the “butt” on the edge of the drinkware, and voila!, a cup of tea that is actually fun (or gross).

Dongguan FuLian Moulding Poop Tea Infuser

It can be filled with solid spices too and change as scented sachets, but what’s the fun in that, right? I mean, then it won’t look like someone is pooping into a cup.

Poop Tea Infuser is made of food-grade silicone and it is totally resistance to heat and cold. It promised to be non-toxic (we are relieved!) and will not introduced any foreign taste to your favorite tea.

Get it from Amazon.com for just US$11.97.

Images: FuLian via Amazon.com.

Hat tip: Dude.

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