Besides actually cooking Meth (which is highly illegal, btw) dressed in a bright yellow hazmat suit with Walter White hyperflesh mask, what other better way to celebrate your love for the awesome, but morally-questionable TV show of all time, Breaking Bad, than owning the highly recognizable light brown RV where Walter does his deeds? But lets face it: not everyone has the parking space for an RV and then there’s the question of affordability, and how the hell one can recreate the bullet holes on the RV door. Well, to save yourself the trouble and substantial sum of money, there’s a scaled version which you can own.

Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

You won’t be able to go places with it, though, and obviously, you can’t cook Meth in it, but not being able to do the latter is probably a good thing, cos’, honestly, we don’t want you, our readers, to live the rest of your days behind bars and being denied the opportunity to read our awesome posts. How nice of us, isn’t it? Apart from looking pretty damn awesome on your desktop, this accurately detailed, scaled RV model from the iconic TV show does what no scaled automobile has ever done: it burns incense. That’s right, it is an incense placeholder which the product name, Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner, clearly says so.

For fans of Breaking Bad, this is the closest you will ever get to smoke spewing out of the top vent of the RV and to do that, all you have to do is open the bullet hole-ridden RV door and slip in a cone of incense. Easy. Honestly, I am not huge fan of the Meth-making show, but to see the show’s infamous RV come to life with smoke (and in miniature proportion) really had me really stoked. I would love to have one and looking at its modest asking price of $29.99, I will probably get one… as a gift to myself. Unless, you’d be kind enough to donate one to me.

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Images: ThinkGeek.

H/T: Cool Material.

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