now that Breaking Bad season 5 has officially come to a close, we are guessing that some hardcore fans out there are already suffering from serious meth-in-tube withdrawals. well, don’t be. you can get you fix through the complete series Blu-ray collection, or better still, suit up with this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume while you are reliving the episodes (warning: your mom might think you are nuts) for an unusual immersive way, or when you are out patronizing the various Halloween parties later this month. now, did we help solve your Halloween costume dilemma? we sure hope we did. you’re welcome.

just like what Walter White wore in the series, this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume includes the trademark bright yellow suit, as well as the quintessential mask and blue gloves necessary for Walter White look. in any case, donning this suit does not quite make you White – yet, but slapping on the included faux goatee might do the trick. that said, for an even more authentic look, shaving your head might be a good idea, however, that is entirely optional and at your discretion. you can get this show memorabilia from Breaking Bad Official Store for just $49.99.

p.s. due to the topic on controlled substances, Breaking Bad is understandably not shown in many countries and we are not sure if acquiring a Hazmat (acronym for Hazardous Material) suit in this instance will trigger any false alarm in the country you are residing in. just saying…

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Breaking Bad Official Store via Cool Material

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