Before we start. Can I just say how much I loathe limited-run items? Why? Because it deprived genuine collectors of the chance to collect something they truly love and it provides a golden opportunity for scalpers to earn quick bucks. Scalping should be a crime, really.

Not every collector has time to stay glued to the website to wait for a sale to open. Scalpers, on the other hand, have all the time in the world because that’s what they do: earning their keeps at the expense of the wallets of collectors. Some scalpers even have software to help to do the deed. Okay. Enough of my rant. Now on with this awesome action figure from Mondo

The SDCC-exclusive Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure from last year was one such commodity targeted by scalpers. It was sold out in a jiffy and today, it commands more than double the price on average. It sucks. Thankfully, Mondo has re-released the figure. Well, kind of.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure by Mondo

This new figure is not quite the set that came with the sad alternate head sculpt and the bed packaging. The new Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure by Mondo is everything the SDCC exclusive is except for the sad face head sculpt and the box with cardboard art of a bed.

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And yes, this means it has the photo frame with a removable “photo” of loving Jean and Scott. Awww… poor Wolvie. He can’t even brood about seeing the happy couple even if he wants to.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure by Mondo

As the original issue, the stocky X-Men is presented in his appearance in X-Men the Animated Series, complete with the delightful cel-shaded paint job. So, there you have it.

The Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure by Mondo can be had, as we speak, for US$200 from

Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure by Mondo

Images: Mondo.

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