It may come as a surprised to some people that golf balls aren’t actually waterproof. That’s right, folks. While the iconic dimple-covered urethane (or Surlyn or both) cover of a golf appears to be seamless to the naked eyes, it will not stop water from getting into into the inside entirely. This means, at some point, golf balls that stay submerged in, for example, a lake, will eventually get waterlogged

Bridgestone Golf Water-repellent Golf Balls

But that may change soon. Granted, the water-repellent golf balls from the golf division of Japanese tire maker, Bridgestone, aka Bridgestone Golf, is not designed with lakes in mind. The new water-repellent golf balls, called Bridgestone Golf Tour B JGR Splash [JP], is based on the golf equipment maker’s tried and proven Tour B JGR golf balls but now with the benefit of water repellent property.

But why water repellent if its not to stop water-logging, one may ask. Well, its all in the name of performance, i.e. distance and straightness, of the ball’s flight path. Water and mud on a golf ball in flight will affect the distance and straightness, and therefore impede the overall performance.

Bridgestone Golf Water-repellent Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf have developed a coating that goes onto the Tour B JGR Splash that will resist the adhesion of water and mud with altering the performance of Tour B JGR Golf Balls.

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All images courtesy of Bridgestone Golf [JP].

Bridgestone Golf [JP] via Japan Rubber Weekly.

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