Remember the one time Wolverine was sad because, Jean Grey and Cyclops, were a thing? That was from 1993’s episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, which became a meme with folks unleashing their creativity with different picture in the frame Wolvie was holding. Fast forward to 2021, this meme-making scene is to be immortalized by Mondo, by the way of the Wolverine 1/6 Scale Action Figure.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale SDCC Action Figure

The figure will be released as a San Diego Comic-Con 2021. Clearly, it an awesome homage to the one scene from that episode. But you know what’s also awesome about this figure? Cel-shading. I am instantly enamored. To say I don’t want one is a lie.

But with the media abuzz with this figure, I am pretty sure the scalpers are already locked and ready to swoop down and wipe every single piece off the shelves.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale SDCC Action Figure

Oh, did we mention there is another awesome thing? The packaging. Wolvie is presented in a box complete with cardboard art of a bed and there’s a pillow too. Tell me that isn’t awesome.

I wouldn’t bear disturb the solemn moment of Logan by tearing him out of the package. However, you will probably tempted to (unbox it) because, it comes with a few interchangeable head sculpts, a few interchangeable hands (including one with effect part attached), a chicken drumstick (obvious must have), and of course, a picture frame with the picture of Jean and Scott.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale SDCC Action Figure

Mondo will be taking pre-order for the figure, which is officially called Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure – Limited Edition SDCC Variant, starting Friday July 23, 2021 at 10AM PT.

Wolverine 1/6 Scale SDCC Action Figure

Images: IGN/Twitter (Mondo).

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