Ever tried Rubik’s Cube? Originally designed to help engineer to solve structural problem involving moving parts, this puzzle game can only described as an eternal frustration (that and golf, obviously). Wait. Or is it just (eternal frustration) to me only? Not going to deny, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

HEYKUBE Electronic Puzzle Cube

Anyhoo, it said that there is a fixed formula to get it right the first time (OK, maybe not the first time). But trust me, it still not as easy as some people make it looked like it is. If you are a noob or never able to solve it like me, HEYKUBE Electronic Puzzle Cube may be the answer.

Well, answer, if you desire to crack this puzzle is that strong because, this “electronic smart cube” costs between US$79.99 to a 100 bucks. That’s a lot of money for any cube. To be fair, though, this ain’t any Rubik’s Cube. It’s programmable too.

HEYKUBE Electronic Puzzle Cube

When connect to a Raspberry Pi (not included), you can access the HEYKUBE python library to program different solving algorithms, lights and games. A rechargeable battery powers the LED lights in the cube that will guide you to solve the puzzle. From there, you can to solve and hopefully, you can eventually crack the code, so to speak, without the help of LED lights which you can choose to turn off.

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If you are keen, you may pick up the HEYKUBE Electronic Puzzle Cube from HEYKUBE.com for US$99.99 or from Amazon.com for US$79.99. The choice is yours.

HEYKUBE Electronic Puzzle Cube

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