New Balance ‘Road to London’ Collection

New Balance 574 'Road To London' Collection
(photos: New Balance) New Balance ‘Road to London’ Collection | US$tba |

how does the road to London looks like? we won’t know for sure but New Balance might hold the answer in the form of its Spring/Summer 2012 “Road To London” collection. the collection marks London’s event of the year, which is the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and features New Balance footwear in different variations. the classy colorways and materials of the 574 duo’s with its obvious “The Road To London” tags might be alluring but they could not distract us from the 420 and 574 that were splashed with different color combinations from the iconic Union Jack with a little touch of gold. according to VIACOM IT, these kickers are handmade by its Flimby factory, which incidentally also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. we are a huge sucker for lively colorways and as you can be imagined, we are totally sold by colors on the 420 and 574. unfortunately, details of their pricing and available are still a mystery to us. check out a gallery of the colorful 420 and 574 after the break.

via Style Frizz via VIACOM IT

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