Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

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hooking up an iPad to a good audio system in an attempt to better its sound quality may not seems ideal as far as portability is concerned. lucky for us, there are brilliant people out there who are relentless in their pursuit of a solution and the Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar is one of the results of such pursuit. however, do not mistaken it as yet another Bluetooth speaker. separating the Zooka from the flood of Bluetooth speakers is its ability to ‘slot’ right onto your iPad and goes whenever you might go. its outer casing is of medical grade silicone that not only provides a comfortable grip but also ensures that it will not hurt your iPad while attached to it. the Zooka built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries offers 8 hours or more listening pleasure and boost your tablet’s volume by up to 5 times. the Zooka also works with laptop and a thoughtful cutout ensures that it will not hinder your laptop’s webcam. though designed primary for iPad 2, it will work just as fine with any Bluetooth-enabled devices. non Bluetooth-enabled devices won’t be left out in the cold, as the integrated 3.5mm audio input jack takes care of the need of these devices. the creator of Zooka is seeking your support to get the product off the ground via Kickstarter and for a pledge of $85 or more, you will bag yourself one Zooka in the color of your choice. larger images and a couple of product clips follows after the break.

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