Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk

Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk
(photos: Fab) Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk | from US$1,390.00 |

the thing about buying products for your kids is, they outgrown them easily. while you can’t do much about their clothing, you certainly can do something about their bed. the Gro Furniture 5-in-1 Companion Crib and Desk is just one furniture that can start its life as a baby crib, progress to a toddler bed as your child grows and when as your kid matures, you can convert it to a daybed or even a desk for him or her to chill out or study. it may not sound like much but it certainly saves you the hassle of acquiring new furniture as your child grows, well at least for the time being until they become the rebellious teenager (well, i’m just saying…). its price tag of $1,890 may seems a little pricey but it will save you at least three trips to the furniture store and eliminate the clutter that will build up if you keep buying and not letting go. however, you still can opt for the individual function, which starts from $200 per unit. hit the jump for a some closer looks.

Fab via Born Rich

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