Notwithstanding the controversial report on how “there’s little proof that (dental) flossing works,” I still floss. I mean, seriously, we are not going to kid ourselves that interdental spaces are going to clean themselves out, are we? Interdental spaces are the elusive gaps out-of-reach of standard toothbrushes and they made up as much as 40 percent of the tooth surfaces. Flossing is a must and it should work just fine, right? Well, only if you can fit your hands in your mouth. With my gorilla-size hands, I surely can’t. This is where Interdental brush comes in.

Wingbrush Interdental Brush Version 2.0

Interdental brush lets you clean out damaging bacteria more effectively without contorting your mouth. However, problems still exist. Interdental brush can hurt your gums and more often than not, they bend and break too easily. This is where Germany’s Wingbrush think it can help. Wingbrush is a new kind of interdental brush featuring a patented feeler that docks easily to the interdental space so it will not injure your delicate gums. Plus, it is totally easy to use. All you have to do is to place the feeler against the interdental space, squeeze the Wingbrush and you are done.

Wingbrush Interdental Brush Version 2.0

Now, you may have seen and/or heard Wingbrush before. After enjoying a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, the startup wasted no time to improve Wingbrush with Wingbrush Interdental Brush version 2.0. The new version now comes with 3 brush sizes and touts an improved tension, a longer brush to reach hard-to-reach areas (like the molars), and a coated wire that more resistant to bend and promised to be even gentler on your gums.

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Wingbrush Interdental Brush Version 2.0

Once again, these enterprising, oral-obsessed dudes have taken to Kickstarter to peddle its latest ware. For a pledge of €9-12 (US$11-15), you will secure yourself a Wingbrush 2.0 starter which include the Wingbrush handle, 3 brushes, and one refill set of 8 brushes in your size. The campaign has just went live earlier today and it is already funded and so yeah, your pledge constitutes to a pre-order. Skip ahead for a fun product pitch video to learn more.

Wingbrush Interdental Brush Version 2.0

All images courtesy of Wingbrush.

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