Move over smart tracker because there is a new sensor that does a lot more than telling you where your stuff are. It is called MicroBot Sense. This smaller-than-macaroon, button-like device may be tiny, but it is loaded with sensors, including 7 environment sensors, that enables Sense to pick up temperature, humidity, light intensity, relative air pressure, CO2 level, sound, vibration, and movements. But what can you do with Sense? Well, its applications wide and varied. You can use it to monitor conditions of blind spots within the home (like, for example, garden), gather environmental data when you are out and about, secure things that you don’t want people to touch or move, and automating actions in your workplace or home – just to point out a few.

MicroBot Sense Smart Sensor with Push Alerts
You can Sense to monitor in-car environment.

Couple with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT integration, the applications for Sense is pretty much limitless and what’s more, with built-in machine learning, this little guy is only going to get better the more you use it. In other words, it will sort of know what matters to you, becomes more accurate over time, and deliver to you push notifications with useful information and even recommendation about the environment. Like any smart device of today, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE and from there, your Sense experience can be customizable via a dedicated app. And if you have a smart hub, it can connects to it too.

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MicroBot Sense Smart Sensor with Push Alerts
Or use it to alert you if someone tries to move your favorite table.

If you are a person who is concerned about everything, from the environment to intrusion, MicroBot Sense is a must-have device. And oh, did I say that it is trackable too? So, there’s no worry if you misplace it cos’ you can always trace where it is. MicroBot Sense by Naran Inc. is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where, for the next 35 days or so, you will be able to pre-order a unit with a pledge of $38-45. If all goes as planned, i.e. the campaign meets its set funding goal, you can expect Sense at your doorstep sometime in July 2018. Continue reading to find the product pitch video to pick up more information on the Sense.

MicroBot Sense Smart Sensor with Push Alerts
You can also use it to monitor your garden’s environment.

All images courtesy of Naran Inc.

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