This Scale Breaking Bad RV Spews Incense, Not Meth Smokes

Besides actually cooking Meth (which is highly illegal, btw) dressed in a bright yellow hazmat suit with Walter White hyperflesh mask, what other better way to celebrate your love for the awesome, but morally-questionable TV show of all time, Breaking Bad, than owning the highly recognizable light brown RV where Walter does his deeds? But […]

Breaking Bad Walter White Hyperflesh Mask

the appeal of the most-watched American TV drama, Breaking Bad, is far more reaching than you could have imagined. how else could you explain a mask, worn (and signed) by Bryan Cranson and also once donned by Jimmy Fallon and rapper Common, could fetch a mind-boggling $41K when it went up on auction on eBay

Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume

now that Breaking Bad season 5 has officially come to a close, we are guessing that some hardcore fans out there are already suffering from serious meth-in-tube withdrawals. well, don’t be. you can get you fix through the complete series Blu-ray collection, or better still, suit up with this Breaking Bad Hazmat Suit Costume