Motorcycle puts a rider closer to the action and hence, more in touch with the surrounding, but with those perks come the risks. Riders of two-wheeler do not get the same level of protections as drivers of automobile and therefore, it is imperative that the rider has heightened senses. Unfortunately, being human means riders do not have spider sense and they certainly do not having eight eyes like a spider does and so, motorcyclists are mostly taking chances. However, a new kind of motorcycle helmet, called CrossHelmet X1, aims to change that.

CrossHelmet X1 360 FoV Smart Helmet

CrossHelmet is a high-tech helmet that bestow its wearer with 360-degree Field of View and offers ambient noise control, so that the rider will always be aware of its surrounding, in both visual and audio sense. A camera embedded on the back of CrossHelmet sends video to a bifocal head-up display (HUD) inside the helmet, providing the wearer a wide 190-degree view of the rear while sound control algorithm lets the rider reduce or increase ambient noise, so he/she can cut out distractions like engine, wind noise and more, and keep only those essential ambient noise.

CrossHelmet X1 360 FoV Smart Helmet

With Bluetooth connectivity, integrated speakers and microphone, this high-tech helmet will let you stream music, access voice assistant such as Siri and Google Assistant, make and take phone calls, and connect with fellow riders in your group through Group Talk. The latter also lets you share locations, routes, photos and videos with members of your group. Borderless, the Japanese company behind CrossHelmet, said Group Talk feature can also extend to include members without a CrossHelmet, but we are not quite clear how this works.

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CrossHelmet X1 360 FoV Smart Helmet

Other key features include LED safety lights, intuitive touch operation, ride data viewable on the same bifocal HUD, a unique wide-angle visor that offers 30 percent larger FoV, a lithium ceramic battery pack that’s good for up to 8 hours per charge, and a spacious, full-face helmet design that incorporates variable thickness and advanced architecture shell similar to that used in the automotive racing industry and it is safety certified by DOT, ECE and JIS.

CrossHelmet X1 360 FoV Smart Helmet

If you are interested, you can find more info on this helmet of the future on Kickstarter where you can also put in your pre-order. Be warned, though, this thing comes with quite a price tag, coming in at $1,399-1,599 a pop, but that’s nothing compared to the eventual retail price of $1,799. It is also worthy to note that, although the campaign is well over its funding goal, the product will not ship until October 2018. Continue forth to watch a comprehensive pitch video.

CrossHelmet X1 360 FoV Smart Helmet

Images courtesy of Borderless.

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