Bleeding Hand Candle by Creepy Candles

October is around the corner and you know what this means. This means Halloween will be upon us very soon. Besides dressing in costume to scare the shit out of the spirits that walk the Earth on this day, a Halloween decor is a must for completeness sake. More so, if you intend to have a party going on this day. Speaking of which, in addition to having a cobweb-laden decor to spruce up the creepy atmosphere, you may want to consider something creepier to crank of the creep-on-meter, such as the Bleeding Hand Candle by Etsy seller Creepy Candles.

Bleeding Hand Candle is exactly what says it is; it is a candle in the likeness of a human hand, but unlike regular candles, it has not one, not two, not three but a cool five candles which you can lit up simultaneously. Why? Because a hand has freaking five digits! And that’s not even it. As this realistic, handmade hand candle burns, it oozes blood red wax to simulate bleeding while revealing a metal skeletal hand. Also, it is life-size to, you know, add to the realism. Etsy seller Creepy Candles described it as “very realistic and intended to creep out your friends and family.”

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Well, by the look of it, it will most definitely achieve its goal. Certainly not a product for fainthearted person or those who have an illogical fear of blood and it is most definitely not an object skelephobes want to be near to. I will hand it to Creepy Candles for coming up with this original, one-of-a-kind, candle. I am not so much of a morbid person, nor am I down for Halloween, but even then, I am very impressed by Creepy Candles’ effort. Oh, wait. Maybe I am morbid deep down. Anyways, If you are impressed too, you may want to consider picking up the Bleeding Hand Candle from Creepy Candles’ Etsy store for 35 bucks a pop.

Bleeding Hand Candle by Creepy Candles

Images: Creepy Candles via Etsy.

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