The market is not lacking of lanterns, but if form and function are what you are after, then Balmuda The Lantern may be it. Balmuda The Lantern is a portable LED light with modular brightness that provides a warm glow like the good’ol kerosene lantern.

Balmuda The Lantern Portable LED Lamp

It can mimic flickering candlelight, gentle brightness, and regular warm white light where brightness is required. Moreover, it has an adjustable dial that recalls that of the kerosene lamp for tweaking the intensity of the glow through a stepless dimming feature.

The lantern is powered by a rechargeable 2,000 mAh battery good for anything between 3 and 50 hours of use on a single charge, depending on the brightness.

Balmuda The Lantern Portable LED Lamp

Rounding up the package is an ABS/PC and SUS construction that is IP54 rated and weighs in at a handy 1.39 lbs. Speaking of handy, it does come an integrated carrying handle for toting it around.

I believe, the last time we featured this Japanese brand, it wasn’t available directly in stateside. Since then, it has a U.S. store where you can pick up the Balmuda The Lantern for US$199. While you are there, you may want to check out the super The Toaster too (US$329).

Balmuda The Lantern Portable LED Lamp
Balmuda The Lantern Portable LED Lamp

Images: Balmuda [US].

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