What you see here is NOT a lantern, but given it has LED lights that sync to the music it is playing, you probably could use it to light your path. It is a Bluetooth speaker from Japanese brand Balmuda, called The Speaker.

Balmuda The Speaker

Balmuda The Speaker promised to create a live stage-like music listening experience through an enormous 77 mm upward firing full-range speaker.

It is portable, rechargeable and uses Bluetooth for audio streaming. There’s an AUX in too for sources without BT.

Balmuda The Speaker

With the driver facing up, Balmuda said it creates 360-degree audio dispersion. In addition, the drive unit has a unique design that reproduces low frequency below the unique while treble is being pumped out from above. An air tight glass beneath it acts as a vacuum tube of sort to further bolster the audio quality.

Finally, three smaller vacuum tube-like objects with LED complete the set up. The LED lights will sync to the song, changing the color, the intensity and speed of flickering to the groove of the music.

Balmuda said an algorithm is involved in translating sound to light and at an insane speed of 0.004 second.

Balmuda The Speaker is now available to order for 32,000 yen (about US$297) in Japan, with shipping slated to start in late June, 2020.

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Images: Balmuda [JP].

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