You know what they say about too much of a good thing is a bad thing. As it turns out, sitting is one of those things. Like, who would have thought this seemingly action (or inaction), when done excessively, could lead to a host of bodily complications on long run. This is where Sitpack Zen comes in.

Sitpack Zen strikes a balance between too much sitting and not sitting at all. Claiming as the world’s most compact and functional one-legged chair, Sitpack Zen is conceived to improve your posture while letting you relax when you need it.

Its collapsible design enables it to reduce to an incredibly compact size, so you can take it virtually anywhere. You can take it to the office, back home, and even out into the wilderness as you patiently stalk wildlife to capture the perfect shot with your DSLR. If you ever encounter a queue, Sitpack Zen can be deployed to help to take away some strain on your legs too.

Sitpack Zen One-legged Chair

To ensure Sitpack Zen is as lightweight as possible and yet not sacrificing strength and durability, it is made from some of the world’s strongest and lightest materials like carbon fiber, aluminum and ballistic nylon.

If your interest is piqued, you can pick up the Sitpack Zen One-legged Chair for €99 (about $107) from Come to think of it, Sitpack Zen may have just made those folding field chairs (those tiny ones) obsolete.

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All images courtesy of Sitpack.

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